Friday's podcast! did you get a chance to listen to it yet?? what are you waiting for?? Listen now!

THURSDAY!!!!! TODAY'S PODCAST!! it's late but it's UP :-) Ms Thang is back to do the whole show with me! Lots of fun and hot topics of the day!! And please support our sponsor PERKY JERKY! i love it, you will too!! Help keep us on the net! if you feel like but you sure don't have to... become a donation sponsor through PAYPAL... whatever you want to give sent PayPal thanks!!!

Today's podcast is HERE!!  6-27-12!  We talk about the Colorado fires, how your parents would make you have to "look it up"  Talk about problem solving and of course there's Ms Thang with the Hot Topics of the day with All THANGS considered!   enjoy!    and if you like us donate thru PAYPAL

Tuesday's podcast is FINALLY HERE!!! yay!! get it NOW! we talk about John Travolta and his massage parlor problems.. is he or isn't he? do you care? what John movies do you like? There's my cohost kitty Poo Bear and of course, Ms Thang with today's HOT TOPICS!! listen, enjoy and SHARE!!!

It's Monday!!    YIKES!!  we talk about Alex Trebek's heart, Michael Jackson's death, places like Hooters, Twin Peaks and Tilted Kilt, a Doctor that still makes house calls and MORE!   enjoy!

REMASCULTE!! - The opposite of emasculate. To grow one's balls back after they have been shrunken by an especially effeminate activity.

God, the girlfriend dragged me to go see License to Wed... it was terrible. I had to remasculate afterwards by watching Die Hard: The Bloody Retribution.

Happy Friday!!! We talk boy bands, tv weather, going crazy, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambet's tweets and a 21 inch organ, and what you could do with it!!    Ms Thang and I trying something different today.  We recorded this together!  All at one time!  Hope you like it.  Let's us know!


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