Aug 31st Ken Wilson is back to discuss all the things that are wrong with America today! Ok not all of them... And we talk about WAFFLE HOUSE! and Breaking in a new relation ship... oh and we come up with a new word for the dictionary! enjoy!

Aug 29    Drummer and friend Ken Wilson joins me to talk about Guns GOD and Good food. We also chat about why Zippo lighter would be good for the WORLD and Why Vinnie Paul of Pantera is the best drummer in the world!!   Enjoy..  Donate if you can, support the podcast...  we need new gear :-)

love ya!

Aug 28. Today's podcast is UP!! I get Ms Thang to take a Cosmo Quiz and Mike Jones joins us later to discuss why no movie vampires ever look like Ed Asner!

Aug 27 Today I chagt about Snooki and her spawn, getting reported to facebook becasue I made fun of Snooki. We also chat about Neil Armstrong and Lance Armstrong... no relations.... hope ya like it!!

Aug 24 the   FRIDAY!!!   This is one podcast you don't want to miss!   It's FRIDAY AND IT'S FUN TALK!!   Ms Thang joins me for the whole show!

Aug 22   we talk about Ancient Marijuana, Oral Sex is a cure for depression, and a restaurant that gives you a discount if you have a nice ass...   what more could you want?  @stevemcgrew @pinkbarb27 @remasculate

Aug 20th..  a friend, Chris Mahoney drops in to discuss hot issues of the day..  we talk a little about everything..   :-)   enjoy!  I'll have a new RE-MASCULATE.COM website up soon..  Chris is building it for us..  by us I mean you the listeners and me!   later!!

and don't be TOO INAPPROPRIATE today! :-)  find us on twitter @popchipsCO @perkyjerky @stevemcgrew @remasculate @pinkbarb27

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