Sept 27th Mudflap's REMASCULATE!  Today it's COFFEE TALK.  I sit down with coffee show owner Brian Burridge and we talk coffee, what's the best kind,  what's the best first time drink for first time coffee drinkers, and we talk 80's movies and more!!!   find Brian on Facebook... and listen to the whole show for your surprise    Please support this podcast and make a paypal donation...  it's simple it's easy... and it's ONLY if you like what you hear!   contact us at and on twitter @stevemcgrew @remasculate and Ms Thang is @pinkbarb27  

ALOHA!!  it's Sept 26th and here's the podcast that goes with it!!  We talk about Sweet Rolls the size of a dog's head and the sugar coma they can cause, the worst song titels EVER and then Ms Thang joins us for the news!  it's a fun, FULL show!!  enjoy!!!   oh feel free to DONATE to us thru PayPal...  anything helps keep this podcast on the internet!!  You can do it right here on the page...  it's just to the right.... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

ALOHA TIKI SOLDIERS!! today's podcast is UP!!! Why your child might be an asshole! and Why you NEED to make your kid get a job WAY before 16 years old!

WE ARE BACK!!! REMASCULATE PODCAST for SEPT 24th! We talk about how to give hints about what you want for your birthday, How to pick a wine, cheap toliet paper, how they refine gas, and more!! write us a review on iTunes, and leave us a comment here! we want to hear from you!!! @stevemcgrew MsThang is on twitter @pinkbarb27

Sept 12th   We talk about Girl Questions, and how everybody really IS different contrary to the PC belief  "we are all the same"   then there's the news with Ms Thang   ENJOY!  Listen on too!   You can reach us at and twitter @stevemcgrew   Ms Thang is @pinkbarb27

Sept 11th    James Otto on MUDFLAP'S REMASCULATE!  Country superstar James Otto joins us to talk music, song writing, life and how America is doing after 9-11.   it's BRILLIANT stuff!  Come join us!

Sept 10th.  Do you get a lot of catalogs?  it's that time of year.  Do you love westerns?   What was your favorite?  Resale shops are back in vogue and I couldn't be happier!    and listen on :-)

Sept 7th  FRIDAY!!   ALOOOHA!  we have party!  Web builder Chris Mahoney stops by to chat with Miss Thang and I..   We have dinner on air and it's a podcast like no other we have done before... total free form...   we wrap it all up with hot topic new s from Mis Thang.   I'm thinking about changing the title of her new to MISS INFORMATION:-)   what cha think??    follow us on twitter @stevemcgrew @remasculate and Miss Thang @pinkbarb27   Support our sponsors @popchipsCO and @perkyjerky   ALOHA!!!!

Sept 6th..   We talk about the mall, the menu at Cheesecake Factory, the stores Hot Topic and Abacrombie and Fitch and why store don't gift wrap anymore!

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Sept 5th.   A Quick little chat about Honey Boo Boo

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