Las Vegas Rock DJ and darn good stand up comic GOOCH sits down with me to talk about how movies portray the future, the price of t-shirts, how to break up with a pyscho and more..  Subscribe to the podcast, either here or iTunes. Stitcher too!   and feel free to donate and help keep the podcast on air! Simply use the donate button on the right side of the Podbean page.     please share this with your friends. 

Aloha!   I'm so pleased to have as my guest radio LEGEND Marc Germain!  You LA people know him as Mr KFI or Mr KABC... It was great to sit down with him and talk life, sports, parenting skills, radio and Dick Van Dyke...

Joe Bonsall of The Oak Ridge Boys calls in and we chat about everything from cat puke to solving the worlds problems..  It's great to hear an international star talk like you and me...  You'll love Joe and the Oaks even more after hearing this interview!!

Today I get comic Larry Hyde on the phone for a quick chat.. We talk about John Stamos, shipping gold to those places that buy gold and about Larry's famous Dad... 

Denver radio legend Tracy Taylor joins me to talk about where she's been, what's up with Real housewives, Who's her "free pass"  and how to fix problems in the world..  ok I made that part up...  but listen it's a fun chat today!!  oh and AMANDA WATCH 2013!!!


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