Today's guest is Terrence Williams.  Terrence is the internet sensation who has blown up on Facebook and Twitter! He eats fried chicken and tells the truth!

Terrence Williams was born and raised in Oklahoma City where he spent the first 15 years of his life in Foster Care. He comes from a background of absent parents and a child of the system.   While searching for his true calling, his frustration with the current state of our country led him to post videos of himself expressing his feelings with a mix of humor on social media about trending topics and controversies. One day , he decided to push the “public” button and the next day his normal 2 views turned into over 32million. Terrence has since come to realize his voice can be heard.  This young man is finding his calling and his passion for inner city kids. He wants to share his story with the many that fall victim of the system, to teach and inspire kids they are more than their circumstances.

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